Mission Statement
The mission of the CBOC is to independently review the planning and execution of the Proposition H and Proposition U bond programs to validate to the public and the Governing Board that bond funds are spent within the intent of the bond measure.

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"Wigwam" Restaurant / Culinary Arts 
Technical Educational Program at El Cajon Valley High School

Proposition H is the $274 million bond measure passed in 2004 by voters within the Grossmont Union High School District to repair aging local high schools, improve student safety, qualify for State matching funds and construct a new school.

Proposition U is the $417 million General Obligation Bond measure passed in November 2008. Combined with an additional $50 million in State Matching Funds, it would substantially complete the modernization of all District schools, provide classrooms and equipment for Career Technical Education, and construct a new high school in the Alpine/Blossom Valley area.

The CBOC is the oversight group created to monitor Proposition H and Proposition U implementation and expenditures. The CBOC is comprised of 11 volunteers appointed by the Governing Board. CBOC members walk school campuses, review project planning documents, monitor community meetings and examine audit reports to verify that the school district is using bond dollars effectively, responsibly and in compliance with the Propositions H and U ballot language.

CBOC meetings are open to the public and held quarterly at the Grossmont Union High School District Main Conference Room.  Each year, the CBOC issues an independent annual report to inform the public about the status of Propositions H and U and the oversight role of the CBOC.  In their report published July 2014, the San Diego Taxpayers Educational Foundation gave the District high marks for its bond program information transparency.

Meetings and Events